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• Federal Income Tax Preparation
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• Tax Planning (throughout the year)

Universal Tax Service is a full service provider of tax services, offering practical solutions to clients’ concerns in the area of income tax as well as direction in life-cycle segments such as college, marriage, retirement, and estate planning.

Our tax service is aimed at not only minimizing a client's tax burden, but also to plan and take action throughout the year.

Tax planning means tax savings. This concept is emphasized with each client.

Through our personalized attention, we have earned a wide base of tax clients from hourly laborers, to corporate officers, including nurses, police officers, firefighters, teachers, doctors, lawyers, students, salesmen, secretaries, and more. Each client receives total attention for as much time as is required to prepare a return to the best advantage of that client. This is why are refered by family members, friends, and neighbors.

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